CAISO, SPP and Energy Imbalance Markets Software & Services

CYCG is the leading provider of ISO/RTO Settlement and Reporting Services. Our services present complex settlement information in a comprehensive easy to understand way. Our service allows for multiple views of the information from financial summaries to detailed information on the calculation of each component of the ISO/RTO settlement. Each installation is customized so that the clients business process operates to its maximum efficiency. Our services focus maximizing the accuracy and efficiency of the entire business process and we continually work with our clients to further upgrade and integrate our services resulting in continual improvement in client side business process performance.

Typical software providers in the settlements arena sell a license and maintenance plan, implement the software then move on, leaving you with the brunt of daily operations and maintenance, bearing the full cost of future technology upgrades, running multiple environments and the complexity of understanding market changes and designing the required upgrade paths.

CYCG is different. With our hosted solutions we become a part of your business process. We take the responsibility for daily system operation, change management, and information delivery. Clients benefit from no need to build, buy, support or operate a complex IT infrastructure, We deliver the technology and settlement business process support so that you can focus on what you do best while allowing you to leverage the expertise and operational capabilities of the CYCG team. Our solutions enable users to see information at the level they need it, from daily financial summary information to the details of each charge at the interval level, also our reconciliation reports easily identify differences between front office data and CAISO settlements easily identifying discrepancies, and allow the analysts to focus their attention on analysis, rather than operating a system. Our services and solutions allow you to be up and running quickly, without the typical high costs of large systems implementations, in fact with our rapid deployment methodology we have eliminated all up front start up fees for implementing our service. Our software as a service model is typically priced as a flat monthly fee, allowing our clients to easily understand the total cost of ownership with no surprises. Our software products deliver the highest possible reliabilities, with very reasonable and predictable costs.

CYCG, which was founded in 2001, is staffed with highly knowledgeable wholesale energy market experts. Clients of CYCG's business consulting and software services include many of the registered scheduling entities currently operating in California (CAISO) and other ISO/RTO Markets (see the Clients page).

The CYCG Difference

Simply put the CYCG principles have a unique background in that they have both in-depth ISO/RTO Client side and ISO/RTO Market Business Operations and Technical backgrounds. This allows CYCG to bring services and products to energy market participants that help ensure on time and accurate operations. Ken and Mike use their over 45 years of energy industry experience, combined with the keen understanding of how to make people, technology and processed work harmoniously together to achieve solutions that are unsurpassed in accuracy and efficiency.

When you hire CYCG you get the ongoing expertise of Ken Czarnecki and Mike Yester. Some firms bring out their principles for the new business pitch, then all to often that's they last time the client sees them. Ken and Mike are personally involved on an ongoing basis with every client. Because if you hire CYCG you're hiring Ken and Mike. Their passion for the settlements business is second only to their passion for making each of their clients' business processes a success.

Our best reference continues to be our current customers, just ask one of our clients about their CYCG experience.

Software behind the Settlement Services

ISOSettlePro is a full function ISO settlement system. ISOSettlePro was introduced in 2004, and is used by independent generators, load serving entities and utilities, scheduling service providers, and power marketers to perform their soon after trade date ISO predictive settlements, shadow settlements, settlement statement validations, reconciliation, allocations, reporting and down-stream system integration. All ISO/RTO initiated changes are included in the ISOSettlePro support package, thus companies using ISOSettlePro will seamlessly transition to the new market initiatives as they are introduced by the ISOs/RTOs. More information about ISOSettlePro can be found in the Software page.

Service Offerings

CYCG principles are experts in ISO/RTO settlements. Our settlement consultants assist market participants in business activities such as, training, business process design, and market change initiatives. More information about our consulting offerings can be found in the Services page.

Fact Box

14: The number of customer implementations of the ISOSettlePro settlement system, covering over 35 scheduling coordinators